Adaptive Post-Processing™

Adaptive Post-Processing™ is a new NC programming methodology that combines post-processing, simulation and optimization in one concurrent operation. Adaptive Post-Processing™ consists of three ICAM software products: CAM-POST® (post-processing), Virtual Machine® (machine simulation) and SmartPACK™ (automatic tool-path optimization).

The traditional CNC machine programming methodology requires a number of sequential steps to produce production-ready G-code from your CAM system. These steps normally include NC post-processing and G-code verification. The G-code verification software generates an error report suggesting changes to the original part program. This report is then analyzed, which results in revisions to the part program and then the cycle repeats itself until we are content with the G-code for a given CNC machine. This is a manual, time-consuming, costly and ineffective process, which drives up the cost of programming and production.

In sharp contrast to the above, ICAM’s new Adaptive Post-Processing™ solution allows you to AUTOMATICALLY and CONCURRENTLY perform all of the advanced NC Post-Processing functions PLUS deliver the most accurate verification available today. The result? 25-35% reduction in NC programming and machine cycle-time and consistent production of verified production-ready G-code every time, WITHOUT repetitive manual intervention. All ICAM products are scalable and modular, so you can purchase what you require and upgrade later!


Scalable and Fully Modular Solutions!

Automatically Create Optimized NC Programs

Adaptive Post-Processing™ allows for the in-process evaluation of feedback from the post-processor, machining simulator and ICAM’s other tool-path optimization technologies to automatically create an optimized NC program for a target CNC machine. This all occurs in one programming step, allowing users to automatically and efficiently reduce NC programming time and machining cycle times. This innovation virtually eliminates the traditional repetitive and error prone process used by manufacturers for tool-path creation, post-processing and verification by simple graphic simulation.

The iterative steps of the traditional method most often generate errors between the CAM system, the post-processor and the simulation software, leaving the investigative work as to where the error occurred in the hands of the CNC programmer. ICAM’s Adaptive Post Processing solutions not only eliminate these errors while reducing programming time, but also allow the programmer to “create tool-paths for the part” without much consideration to machine kinematics and without reprogramming the part at the CAD/CAM level for a second or new target machine. The ability of ICAM’s software to automatically find and correct these errors significantly reduces programming time and human errors while allowing for easy movement of part manufacturing jobs between differing machines.

Reduce NC Programming and Machine Cycle Time by 25-35%!

Manufacturers do not have to go through a long iterative process of repetitively correcting NC programs and testing them, as ICAM’s software automatically adapts the program to the selected machine in one programming step, saving 25-35% of programming time. This is accomplished through the simultaneous execution of ICAM’s seamlessly integrated post-processing, machine simulation and G-code optimization software modules.

Adaptive Post-Processing also relies on SmartPACK, which consists of three new innovative products called SmartPATH (patent pending), SmartCUT and SmartFEED. These products work together to automatically adapt, correct and optimize NC programs based on the parameters and kinematics of the machine and part you are making.

The resulting adapted NC program includes more efficient tool/positioning paths and optimized tool motions and feed rates, which when combined substantially increase the speed of part production. The software also improves overall productivity by extending tool-life and improving surface finish quality, while optimizing cutting forces and power consumption.

The Adaptive Post-Processing Concept

“Adaptive” refers to the automatic changing and optimization of the NC programmer’s original part program (tool-paths) prior to it being used in production on a specific CNC machine. Our software factors in the unique limitations, functions and kinematics of the target CNC machine and recalculates tool paths, resulting in an optimized part program. The software considers all degrees of freedom within the machine and automatically adjusts the part program for the user.

This is made possible by SmartPATH, ICAM’s innovative technology that recalculates a more efficient movement of the tool in space, while ensuring that the tool still travels from point A to point B as originally planned, but without collisions. ICAM’s Adaptive solution also keeps track of remaining stock material, during the cutting process, and determines where and when to alter cutting speeds accordingly.

This is done automatically within ICAM’s machine simulation software (Virtual MachineTM), because it knows when the tool will be in contact with the material in real-time. Developing this technology is natural at ICAM, as we have deep knowledge of not only the CAD/CAM system, but also proper machining practices and part manufacturing as it occurs on the CNC machine.

What our Customers are Saying…

AVPE and Shape Machining





Implementing ICAM’s Adaptive Post-Processing™ Solution, AVPE and Shape Machining have increased machining efficiency, while reducing NC programming and machine cycle times! Check out our video from Desktop Engineering  – ICAM’s official dealer in the UK

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